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May 19, 2022

Lag B'Omer wasnt the type of party some want

Baruch Hashem, and thanks to the State putting some actual organizational preparation efforts into the event, all reports indicate that the Lag B'Omer celebrations in Meron have passed quietly and everything went according to plan and was in order. And hopefully it will continue to remain quiet and uneventful for the remainder of Lag B'Omer. Pretty impressive for Jewish and Israeli planning, known for cutting corners and thinking "yhiyeh bseder" - everything will be ok.

I did see a lot of online complaining from both Haredi news media sites and on social media saying the State took it over and ruined the celebrations, causing few people to go, leaving the Mt Meron largely empty with a weak celebration of little or no music and no food, limiting how much time people could be there, etc. They were mostly complaining that instead of a celebration it is mostly a depressing event.

I think it was clear to most people that far fewer people would go this year. Not because they are afraid. I think most people are not afraid, especially with a lot of the irresponsible things being stopped. But because there is just a bit of a damper on it. The tragedy of last year with 45 celebrants being killed in the crowds and collapse along with many more injured, just put a damper on the whole thing. several hassidic groups told their people to not go. 

The police did not tell anyone not to go. They made thousands of tickets available to the public. Anyone who wanted to go was able to. Even if it was not perfect, and even if the police gave groups of tickets and priority to some hassidic groups over other people (as some reports have claimed), there was still plenty to go around. Anyone who wanted to go was able to. Anyone who wanted to daven by Kever Rashbi was able to. Anyone who wanted to participate in honoring Rashbi was able to. And anyone who did not want to chose not despite being able to.

It isnt a failure just because the event did not draw 500,000 people. The event was not a failure just because it was not a mad crush with a chaotic celebration, with every group making its own bonfire and tish, with the tens of thousands of people crushing together like sardines. It was not a failure just because there was not a crazy trance concert with free food being given out. 

We know that this year's celebration was not like last years or the years before. It was planned to not be, so just because it wasnt the type of party some want doesnt make it a failure. Some people just like to complain no matter what.

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  1. That went bad fast...

    1. not sure what you mean as I havemnt followed the news much this afternoon. I see there are some headlines about police clashing with the extremists. if thats what you are referring to, I dont think thats a big deal. those guys live to fight with the police and look for every opportunity across the country. And the police probably look to fight with them as well

    2. And they succeeded in having the place shut down. And are blaming the police.

      "Look to fight" is a libel on the police. There isn't a policeman in the world who doesn't want to have a quiet day.

    3. I was a teenager when the Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago in 68. Daley Senior's police department was looking to break heads. I was ambivalent. I had some hippie sympathies, but looked foward to seeing Abbie Hoffman get konked. Same in Selma. Sometimes, the police do get excited about letting it out.


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