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Dec 1, 2022

is he/Ye nuts?

What is wrong with Kanye (Ye) West?

Forget the antisemitism. There are plenty of antisemites out there. I am never surprised to discover someone is an antisemite. It is the default throughout our history, not to take away from the many wonderful people who are not antisemites.

But that is still a far cry away from saying everyone has value "especially Hitler".

And then Kanye West thinks Hitler invented the microphone? and the highway?

I am not sure if he is an antisemite or just nuts.

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  1. Kanye is definitely and always was an anti-semite but that is not surprising; many of his friends, etc. are also anti-semites. But he himself acknowledges that he is bi-polar and has been acting irrational and crazy lately. Many think that this whole episode has been set up either by the Dems and/or the Rino Republicans to put the former president in a difficult position. The former president knew Kanye and kanye wanted to visit the former pres. but the former pres did NOT know Kanye was bringing a bunch of anti-semites with him.
    All this proves how the 'narrative' of main stream media has such power to influence
    and because this a very dumbdowned generation, you can spin any story and that's the whole idea. 'Politics', a play for complete power. The goal is to push the former president out altogether because this is being driven by world powers. The informed know this but the
    uninformed know little.

    1. Oh, so it's a conspiracy...December 02, 2022 7:28 PM

      ... and you're the one who knows the truth.

  2. conspiracy @ 7:28 pm,- the uninformed such as you are the ones who keep those who are
    behind the 'conspiracy theory' scam having the power to keep truth away. Then there are real conspiracies out there but there are 'conspiracy theories' which are meant to keep the public in the dark.


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