Nov 26, 2008

and this months Chumrah of the Month winner is....

I just heard one of the greatest chumrah shticks of all time. Hands down winner of Chumrah of the Month club.

A very qualified woman applied for a job as kindergarten teacher (in Hebrew: gannenet) in a chain of local kindergartens. She comes with degrees and certifications from the best of seminaries and organizations she previously worked for.

They rejected her application.

The Husband contacted the administrator of the kindergartens and asked why she was rejected.

The response was because "your wife wears a blond sheitel. It is impossible to hire a blond gannenet to teach the children of avreichim, as it can cause them to falter..."

I am just not sure if the winner of Chumrah of the Month is either:
  1. Not to hire blond kindergarten teachers
  2. only hire ugly kindergarten teachers (by definition the response was saying only blondes can be pretty enough to be machshil the avreich, but a brunette could not possibly be pretty enough).
Either way, it is the hands down winner.

If she really needs to job, a solution would be for her to wear a dark sheitel to work. Or maybe it would not be allowed because that would be g'neivas da'as. But then again, maybe she is not really a blond and only wears blond sheitels because she thinks it makes her prettier....


  1. You've gotta be kidding!

    Next time I go to my kids gan, I'll have to check out if there are any blondes there.

    This is just plain bizzare.

  2. Wow,

    Strange Chumra - is there someone paid to come up with these Chumras or are the self-generating?

    It's an interesting contrast to Rabbi Enkin's post this week on Hirhurim about how important it is for a woman to make herself look beautiful.


  3. The story itself is actually hard to believe, it is so silly. I said that to the guy, and he claims to have verified it, and he knows the people involved, and claims she is a tzanua person and does not dress flashy.

    Maybe some details are missing, but overall that is the story.

    it is an interesting contrast...

  4. Wow, maybe chedarim should have a va'ad of rabbis to assess the beauty of each ganenet - with only the 'uglies' passing the test. Just imagine - legs will be rated on a scale of shapliness, wrinkles and saggy sockings gain extra points, large chested ladies need not even bother to apply.... the mind boggles!!!

    What kind of sexually mature kids are they raising in these chedarim that are checking out the blonde teachers????!!! Most kids at that age are more interested in marbles.

  5. RW - it is not the kids they are worried about, but the fathers picking up the kids from gan... they will see the gannenet and one thing leads to another...

  6. Well the solution is obvious: The children are sent into a hallway and the ganenet disappears behind a mechitsa. Then the fathers enter the hallway to remove their children - voila, no social contact with a woman at all!!!

    (If these men are so sexually repressed that they are getting excited about blonde sheitels, there is a serious issue that needs to be looked into...)

  7. when my husband was in yeshiva, the administrator told him that they only hired ugly cleaning ladies/dinner staff. he said they had one set of teeth between them! but that's a bit different - a few hundred repressed teenaged boys. Maybe the next thing will be a pesak that any unmarried blonde women have to die their hair...

  8. dye their hair? doubt it.. but maybe wear tichels or something else to cover their hair....


  10. how many avreichim are actually picking up their kids from gan?

  11. when I go tp pick up my gan-age kids on Fridays there are always plenty of avreichim picking up their kids.

    During the week I have no idea. But if avreichims' wives work, and then might not be home in time to pick up the kids, it is very likely there are plenty who pick up the kids from gan after morning seder is over.

  12. is this for real? not pulling an early April Fool's joke on us???

  13. yes, because everyone knows that only blonde women are attractive.

  14. the story is not true.

  15. and besides even if it is true there was only one person who made the decision- someone who runs a bunch of ganim. based on the name of the ganim (as was mentioned on a different forum on the great world wibe web - which if you see there seems like rafi's friend and conversation with him was a virtual one) (LOL) ,
    and knowing the guy that runs it, I don't think anybody would associate him with the chumra of the month club -definately not in a high-up position to create new chumros. He's a nice frum guy but deffinately not COTM Club material

  16. on - I know the person who wrot ethat story, though I never claim him to be a friend. An Acquaintance, though he says the story happened and he know sit firsthand.

    As I said before, and I said it there, it is hard to believe it, but it is so funny, and he claims it to be true, that it is good enough for a post...

  17. also, he might not have made it up, but might have been pressured by others to not accept her... similar things have happened plenty of times......

  18. this is not a chumra, this is mental illness.

  19. rafi,

    there's a joke going around that fits this well:

    a boy in chosson class asks about having sex in various positions. sitting? yes. on the side? yes, etc... standing? god forbid. what? Nope, it'll lead to mixed dancing!


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