Nov 24, 2008

the Yiddishe Mamme

I had to go to the post office to take care of a couple things, including paying a bill.

I told the clerk what I needed to do. She thought for a minute, and then said why do that? If you do it like this...(and she goes on to describe a slightly different process), you will save 3 Shekels!

Unfortunately I could not do what she suggested, as I did not have what I needed to do it with me. When I told her that, she said ok, go get it and come back. I laughed and said just to do it for the extra 3 shekels, as today is the last day I could do this specific transaction without a penalty, and could not do the alternative method until tomorrow...

Unsolicited advice how to save a couple of shekels... only from a Yiddishe Mamme...


  1. not that i'm one talk, but had you not waited for the last minute you could have saved 3 shekel

  2. very true, nut that will never convince a true procrastinator to change his ways...

  3. that's like the time my mother was staying at the Inbal in J-m (for my wedding I believe). She called down to say she needed an item of clothing pressed. The operator literally yelled at her "But it's so expensive! Why would you want to do that?"


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