Nov 30, 2008

is public transportation no longer worth it?

The Ministry of Transportation has announced that they have approved a price hike for public transportation (buses and trains) effective January 1. The increase will be at the unprecedented level of 8% (they were shooting for 12-14%, but have decided to start with 8%).

With the price of gasoline continuing to drop (13% last month, and another 9% tonight), will people stop using public transportation and go back to using the car?

Personally, without having made the full calculations, there are still the issues of auto maintenance (wear and tear, mileage, etc.) and sitting in what is almost always horrible traffic during rush hour that would deter me from taking the car instead of the train.

But perhaps others will find it worthwhile?


  1. Perhaps part of it is because Egged lost bids to be carriers to cities. I just read that RBS (and most likely BS) is going Superbus. I know here in Ariel the rumor is Dan isn't going to run out here soon either... who knows what other cities have been lost to Egged and Dan.

  2. that is true - Egged has lost bet Shemesh. Though only partially. Some lines are going Superbus, and some are staying Egged. I am not sure how that worked out...


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