Nov 10, 2008

observations on Har Hazeisim

I was on Har Hazeisim today. I had a levaya to attend. While waiting for the levaya to begin, we met at the parking lot of the Intercontinental Hotel.

I realized I am in the wrong business. I am working too hard, for too little. Out of this car came an Arab fellow selling these posters for a few shekels each. There were not a lot of people in the area - just a few. If that business of selling these posters for pennies can earn him enough to buy a nice car like that, I must be in the wrong business.

While waiting, I saw the following election sign on a poll. It is a sign for a Shas candidate, in Arabic. I asked an Arab guy there if he was going to be voting for that guy. He said yes. I asked why? Isn't there an Arab candidate to vote for? He said they don't care who any of them are - whoever helps them, they will vote for him.


  1. Can we get a post with the drasha that RAYLS said today in the GRA shul, in the presence of the rabbonei ha'ir, including RCM?

    If you need a copy, there is probably one in your shul right now.

    Can someone please ask RCM who is the ideal candidate and party to vote for, taking into account what the rosh yeshiva said today about those who dont vote "the right" direction?

  2. You're joking, right? You think a Skoda is a nice car? Out of all the cars available in Israel, an Octavia?!

  3. anon - I did not hear the drasha. I was told one quote from the whole thing.

    tns - it looks nice. I did not say ti was a mercedes, but then again, from selling 5 shekel posters, even a skoda is amazing!

  4. It is my impression that frum Jews in Israel seem to be far less entrepreneurial than there chutznik counterparts. Any truth in that, and if so, why do you think it is so?

  5. Wow that's interesting. Arabs for Shas. That's a new one for me.


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