Nov 24, 2008

A Broken House

They just opened and they are already squabbling and in trouble.

Ha'Bayit Ha'Yehudi opened up to replace the former NRP as the single unified home for the various parties that over the years have splintered to form small parties. They are already seeing, in their first days of existence, a prominent MK abandoning the joint party.

The fight is over the form of the primaries. He wants them, and someone else does not. Anyone who does not want primaries, in any party, it is because he is afraid of something. Generally he is afraidf the people will not choose him, but sometimes he could be afraid that someone specific will get chosen (like Bibi is trying to manipulate the Likud primaries to avoid Moshe Feiglin from getting in).

In this case, Zevulun Orlev is worried he will not get in, so the board of the new party decided not to have primaries for the various positions of members, but only for the chairmanship.

What's the point of primaries if you have no real desire to ask the people what they want, and are not interested in their opinion...

If they are already starting out with argument and break offs when they were supposed to unify all the right-wing zionists, it can't be good....


  1. while ideologically i'd love to vote for them, my American Rosh won't let me vote for a party that doesn't use a primary system.


  2. The primary system here is a joke anyway. When you pick 10-20 people and don't even rank them what does it really mean?

  3. I agree. It is all a manipulation so Bibi can get the best chance to have the people he wants, rated where he wants them.

    All of politics is a scam, one way or the other.

  4. Bibi brought back the primary system, it's not like he's changing as accepted practice.
    It's not like Feiglin is so Temimusdik either, he takes a bunch of people who don't vote Likud, gets them to register in an attempt to take over the party in a quite hostile matter.

  5. true. politics is a dirty business. everyone is trying to scam it to his own advantage...
    ahhh.. isn't democracy great? we all think a vote indicates the will of the people, when all it is really is someone scammed us more successfully than the other guy...

  6. B"H

    I'm so glad that other people are writing about this.

    I wouldn't even no where to begin to list my frustrations.

    It all comes down to this all being a reinvention of the NRP,...which SHOULD HAVE DIED AGES AGO.

    It's like the undead, it just keeps sucking blood, taking hits, and still manages to survive.

    A party with Ariel, Elon, Hendel, HaLevy? Yeah, I could support that.

    But it they don't dump people like Orlev, they're going to lose a lot of votes thrown away on Marzel, or who knows even to the Likud {w/Begin, and possible listees Feiglin and Kleiner}, by those of us who actually believe the Torah supercedes Israeli Law,...Qal weHomer,...idiocy. That may sound redundant, but I was referring to previous shenanigans by Orlev and his former cohort in Am HaArtziness, Yahalom.

  7. "new?" Just the same ol' NRP with new wrapping.


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