Nov 12, 2008

Kabbala Water for the kiddies

The newspaper this morning had an article about the ongoing divorce of Madonna and Guy Ritchie.
It seems there is a battle going on about how often, if at all, and when he will get to see the kids. Madonna submitted to him a list of conditions for him to adhere to for him to be able to see the kids...

I thought the third item in the list was absolutely hilarious. It took me a few moments to stop laughing when I saw it...
For those of you who might have trouble with the Hebrew, the condition is that the kids can only drink holy kabbala water that had been sanctified by the mekubal rabbis.

MOI requested that I translate the rest...instead, I found it on an English website... here it is...


  1. You really need to translate the rest. The non-Hebrew readers are missing out. One is more hysterical than the next.

  2. The translation is bad in some of them--it says no machine-made clothing instead of no man-made fibers. Too funny.

  3. What a lunatic.
    The court is not going to enforce any one of these ridiculous provisions.

  4. All this from a mother who performs pratically in the nude--forget what she did in the past, and, tho not yet divorced, is currently engaged in a sexual relationship with another man (perhaps while he was even still married). What's worse is that the Kabbala-niks who "teach" her are making a mockery out of our religion.


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