Nov 18, 2008

UTJ back up 20%

I can't imagine how hard it can be to count little pieces of paper that say the name of a party on it, but it seems to be fairly difficult for the people of Bet Shemesh. They found some more mistakes, and now have corrected the final numbers returning the fifth mandate to UTJ. I guess that means Labor is back down to one...
An official statement will be announced later today..

the mistake was in a certain ballot box (#25). The person in charge registered the numbers incorrectly. UTJ had 371 votes there, and Mafdal had 1 vote, but they got registered the opposite. Because of that, Labor got the extra seat yesterday, as they had the heskem odafim with Mafdal. Today they found the error and corrected it, so Labor is back down to 1 seat, and UTJ is back up to 5 seats.


  1. which rabbonim were at the layla tov party? are they officially backing tov? is there a vaad harabonnim?


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