Nov 17, 2008

Are we on the brink of Armageddon and Mashiach?

A verified story from Rav Chaim Kanievsky seems to say we might very well be....


  1. ok, that had me going a little bit. now im all nervous and stressed out so thanks for that.

    but besides that, id like to point out something.
    There is a nevuah around the end of milachim. I cant remember which navi gave it over, and i think it was to Yeruvum, but im not sure of that either.
    The point is that the nevuah said that something would happen in the future, (i think someone was going to die). And we know, through the history that the event described did not in fact happen. So the mefarshim ask how the nevuah was said, but in fact did not happen.
    The answer given is that nevuot can change. Through a series of events, whether it is tefilla, tshuva, or something else, we can change what may or may not happen.

    I am not saying that rav chaim is a navi, however he is certainly a gadol hador, and his words frighten me. That being said, his words should also push us to do tshuva, so that we can possibly effect any danger that may be coming.

  2. What about if Chanukah comes and nothing happens? What should our conclusion be?

    These kinds of predictions are untestable because if they don't happen the answer given is because we davened, did teshuva etc.

    In fact, these kinds of statements are dangerous because they can lead to something like Shabtai Tzvi or Lubavitch.

  3. I would add - as has happened by so many such predictions/nevuahs in the past...

    there is no way to know. but if someone like Rav Chaim Kanievsky is saying it, it should spur us to do teshuva and prepare ourselves for mashiach...

  4. "Shabtai Tzvi or Lubavitch." Not even a "lehavdil"?? Shame on you!

  5. Rafi, make a decision. If nothing happens, will you declare him to be a fraud? If not, then don't claim now that his "nevuah" means anything.

  6. I don't claim anything. I linked to an interesting incident that some might find inspiring, and perhaps inspiring to teshuva.

    if it does not happen he is a fraud? who? Rav Kanievsky? the guy who told the story? the guy who wrote the story? the other guy?

    Predictions have always been made throughout our history, and more often than not (and so far always on this topic) they are wrong. Does that mean they are all frauds? No. Perhaps they were wrong, perhaps there were right but other circumstances caused things to change. Was Rabbi Akiva a fraud when he thought Bar Kochba would be the mashiach but then it did not happen?

  7. Anybody following the times now, with the recession worldwide,must realize, this time it's different. In matter of fact scary.I know of to many stories where rich people lost their fortunes overnight.
    They voted for a total inexperienced leader.Something is for sure happening, but I can not tell you what.

  8. perhaps there were right but other circumstances caused things to change.

    I.e. they were wrong!

  9. you say "potayto", I say "potahto"

  10. Throughout history, whenever times turn bad, Moshiach stories start gaining traction. Its just the way us Jews work. It is almost an outlet of ours for despair...something to hope for in dismal times...

  11. anon of 4:38 has a good point. I wonder if the trick is to hope for Moshiach when times are good - i.e. for Hashem's sake, and not just for our own selfish reasons

  12. Clarification-yes, both Shabbetai Tzvi and Lubavitch are\were false messianic sects


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