Nov 25, 2008

Why they ban Internet use

This article is clearly a depiction of the reason why the Haredi rabbonim have been so vociferous in banning Internet use.

While clearly the Internet makes it "easier" for people so inclined to "stray" to do so as they can covertly breach the ghetto walls without breaking out noisily until they are ready, these kind of things, the cheating, the straying, the abandoning religion, etc, have always happened, even before Internet. Internet is not the cause, but it does make it easier for it to happen...

Internet or not, no family is immune, and no community is immune. No matter how high and thick of a wall they put up.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like the problem isn't so much the internet, but (poorly?) arranged marriages and lack of good chosson/kalla classes.


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