Nov 17, 2008

UTJ just lost 20%


I just found out that the Elections Overseer has adjusted the results of the elections, as the soldiers votes have been counted and "heskemei odafim" have been recalculated.

UTJ just lost 20% of their seats - they were taken down from 5 seats to four seats, and Labor picked up the extra seat...


  1. I don't understand, the full results including soldiers' votes were reported in Friday's papers?

  2. If I remember correctly, those numbers did not include soldiers votes. But I do nto know what the calculation was now. I do not know if it was soldiers or just a more detailed final count or what. I asked a couple people from a couple parties, and nobody is really sure how the change happened, but the misrad hapnim has verified and approved it.
    UTJ, understandably, is having experts look at it and is considering appealing it saying the original count was correct...

  3. Read all about it here

  4. This is a must read - Addresses the madness that is Israel -

    I just watched a video of a Grad missile slamming into a beautiful residential area in Ashkelon.

    People, WAKE UP!

    Watch the VIDEO

    Do you realize how nuts this is? Can you imagine sitting in your house, wanting nothing more than to eat a piece of cake, or vacuum the floor, or read the newspaper, and suddenly BOOM! There are people, haters, terrorists, shooting things at you that can knock your house down, smash the piece of cake, destroy the vacuum cleaner, shatter the TV screen, end your life??!!!

    And can you imagine how the U.S. would react if the backyard you see in the video would be a backyard in Austin Texas, or in Scarsdale, New York??!!!

    Would there be talk in the U.S. of restraint or would the B-52 bombers be in the air within 5 minutes? Would the U.S. Air Force worry about collateral damage, or would there be civilian blood in the streets of whatever country it was from whence the perpetrators hailed?

    And would anyone in the international community have the nerve to say to the U.S. "Well, nobody in Austin or Scarsdale died, it was just some buildings that got hit, why are you overreacting like this?"

    Or would the whole world understand that you do not mess with a sovereign country with such might unless you want to suffer the consequences. And that the only way to make sure that no one messes is by making sure that offenders suffer the consequences.

    Don't you see what Israel has done? Agreeing to some bizarre set of rules under which she must suffer the blood of her sons and daughters before being allowed to do the natural thing, the right thing?

    Watch the video again - From ancient times until today, is there a nation in the world possessing Israel's capabilities for massive retaliation that would allow that incident to go unpunished? Let alone to allow that incident to be repeated again and again day after day and have it go unpunished?

    Watch the video again - For what does Israel have an army, an airforce, a navy? For what does she possess tanks, warplanes, submarines? For what does she demand of every young citizen that he or she give up days and weeks and months and years of his or her life serving in the armed forces?

    Watch the video again - Think of the resistance fighters in the Warsaw ghetto, fighting with their bare knuckles against Nazi guns, fighting with little home-made bottle bombs against German tanks. Think of the last few resistance fighters in the Warsaw ghetto, huddled in the stinking Polish sewers, thinking "If only we had a few automatic rifles, a couple of tanks - we would show the world that Jewish blood is not cheap".

    Watch the video again - Imagine the last of the resistance fighters charging out of the sewers to attack, in a last suicidal attempt to inflict a broken bone, a cut, a bruise, willing to exchange his life for that little bit of vengeance or justice. Think of the smile on his dying lips as he imagined a time when Jews would have big guns, and tanks, and airplanes. "Aahh", he thinks to himself, "That day will come. And then the world will know that Jews will not be stepped upon."

    Watch the video again - and shed a tear - for the resistance fighter, for every Jew, for what Israel has become.

    Because it does not seem like there is anything else to do. But to watch. And to weep.


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