Nov 11, 2008

Who wants my vote?

I have not yet voted, even though the polls opened at 7am. I will vote when I get home from work, IYH.
I have decided to sell my vote. I really have just a couple of issues that are important to me, and I heard the candidates talk about many of issues, but none of them spoke about these two issues.

So whoever will write back to me and promise me to resolve the following two issues, gets my vote:
  1. Why does my daughter get a day off of school? They have taken over the schools to be used as polling booths. That means the kids in the schools being used get a day off. What are we supposed to do with our kids? I do not get a day off of work to take care of them. I see no reason that they cannot find other locations to be used for voting. Let the kids be in school today. there is no reason for them to have a day off.
  2. My second issue is parking and traffic in the area of the train station and BIG. That is a tremendous mess that wastes a lot of time for me regularly.
Whoever promises to resolve those messes, gets my vote.


  1. My sister in Jerusalem said that for days now young teens have been 'standing guard' from early in the morning beside campaign posters put up by 'their' party to make sure that the other team doesn't rip them down...
    Both parties have 'improved education' high on their platform.

  2. We'll promise you whatever it takes to get your vote, and we'll even make sure that you'll get chayei olam haba. Also, a minyan of politicians will pray for you at the grave of the holy Admor mikalpi.

  3. If you vote Shas they'll give you a bencher!

  4. #1 issue for me (after putting ALL of the Kanoim in Jail) is opening Route 10 from 38 to 375 as the 4 lane divided highway it was designed to be.


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