Nov 12, 2008

Moshe Abutbol won!

Clearly he had the upper hand because he was the only candidate with a real jingle...

I have not yet heard any official numbers, but I did hear that Moshe Abutbol won the mayoral race.
As far as parties go, I also did not hear official numbers, but TOV people are saying they got 1 seat. I also heard Gimmel got 5 seats which makes them the largest party in Bet Shemesh by far, if the number is correct. For the rest of the parties successes and failures, we will have to wait a bit longer..

I wish Moshe Abutbol hatzlacha in running the city. I am confident he will be a good mayor. The consolation prize for those who did not vote Abutbol is that next week construction is starting on the new hospital, the womens convalescence center, and the new train tracks to Ramat Bet Shemesh, and we all stand to gain from that... (just joking, not being cynical you can all read that again, this time with a smile on your face)..


  1. well, you certainly get your sources quickly, although i checked at 530 and you had nothing yet.... i was disappointed.
    if gimmel got five seats, does that mean they will pass a law that it is allowed to through rocks at buses (ouch...)

  2. throw rocks that is...

  3. shalom got 3 seats
    chen one

  4. TOV got 1282 votes. One Seat.

  5. Here are the official results (,7340,L-3621780,00.html):

    אבוטבול משה 52.3
    לרנר שלום 30
    ועקנין דוד 17.7

  6. That's it, I'm changing my name to Douek and going back to kollel. Then, maybe I'll get that arnona break I've been hoping for...

  7. chen did not get a seat . they just missed it...all those wasted votes as the did not make an agreement with anyone!!

  8. can someone please post - and rafi can put it as a main piece - the list of seats that each party won?

    So far looks like :
    gimmel 5
    mafdal lerner 3
    tov 1

    wheres the other 10?

  9. i cry for your city...

  10. rafi
    i read your blog sometimes and often don't agree with your opinions or attitude.
    however i think, for a guy who voted Lerner, this post is by far your best in a long time. You're a good sport. May everyone in town for once have a positive attitude to what happened and for just once contain their urge to have yet another bash at the haredim

  11. As a Lerner voter, I'm also prepared to say, "Well done, Moshe", and let the guy have a chance. Maybe he'll actually do a decent job?

  12. Shaul,

    My thoughts as well. If he can actually unify the diverse population while improving our lives here...Kol Hakavod to him.

  13. and the chareidization of Judaism continues...


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