Nov 13, 2008

Conundrum of the Day... (cotd)

This image was cropped out of the Haaretz website... these news items ran one after the other....

So, is he Jewish or is he Bedouin Arab?

And I find it amazing that everyone is very excited to claim him as one of theirs... if we give him some time in office, I hope people will still want to claim him as one of theirs... rather than wishing he was one of someone else's....


  1. Maybe everyone's right ... he said he was a mutt...

  2. JPost also reported this story. Check it out

    it's absolutely hilarious! Essentially, some Beduin's 95 year old mother thought that Obama grooved to the beat like their family, so that, plus the fact that former pres. bush (the father) looks like current pres. bush (the son), is clear proof that this Beduin family is related to Obama! I am not kidding, that's the story!

  3. the link got cut off - add the letter "l" to make "Full" at the end of the link

  4. The midrash says that every nation claimed Ester as one of theirs...

  5. since he can't claim the title of first black president (clinton already took that) so people are trying to see what works for obamah.

  6. He is Irish as well!!!


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