Nov 12, 2008

impolite or disdain at the Rabinfest?

At the annual Rabinfest, a soldier was tired. The soldier yawned, perhaps even making some nois ein the process. Seemingly he did not cover his mouth during the yawn.

The commander noticed and stopped the ceremony immediately. he had the soldier carted off and locked up in jail for 21 days. All for a yawn. He considered it as if the soldier was scornign the memory of Rabin.

The family is appealing saying they are followers of Rabin and his tradition, and the yawn, while perhaps impolite, did not indicate any disdain for the memory of Rabin.

21 days in jail for a yawn? This Rabinfest has really gotten out of hand...

(source: NRG)


  1. They even had a doctor testify that yawns are involuntary and can not be stifled.

  2. I am reminded of the following which was told by Rabbi Nechemia of Dubrovna:

    I once saw a Russian soldier being whipped. His crime? While standing watch on a winter night, his feet had frozen in their boots. "Had you remembered the oath you took to serve the czar," his commander berated him, "the memory would have kept you warm."

    "For 25 years," concluded Reb Nechemia, "this incident inspired my service of the Almighty."

  3. Rafi;

    If you need help with proofing your posts...?

  4. sorry - I wrote this one very quickly, and did not look it over before I posted it...

  5. First we had police investigations of notes at the grave, and now jail terms for yawning. Who said Stalinism was dead?


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