Jan 22, 2012

Adler Apologizes For Suggesting Israel Assassinate President Obama

I was shocked to read about the latest idiocy. The Atlanta Jewish Times ran an opinion piece written by the owner/editor Andrew Adler, in which he suggested a number of options for how Israel should deal with the threats of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. One of the suggestions he mentioned was to assassinate Barak Obama.

The article is not available on the newspapers website, but it has been scanned and made available by the Gawker.

This obviously caused a ruckus. Adler has since apologized claiming he was just wondering what his readers reactions would be like, but he was not really recommending the assassination of the president.

Sometimes I wonder just how stupid a person can be.


  1. Of course he didn't really mean it. But he's so much more descriptive of that assassination option than any of the others....

  2. Well, the US security services won't forget HIS name in a hurry, that's for sure!

  3. OTOH, Ahmadinejad who has called for the assassination not of one individual, but an entire nation, he they want to dialogue with.


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