Jan 17, 2012

Doing Good Business With Good People

As mentioned on this blog on other occasions, my friend has a business in the United States, that has gotten some good press for the challenges he has overcome in getting the business off the ground and the good, honest service he provides.

The fact is that never before did I have the opportunity to test it. I know the proprietor personally, and believed every word to be true based on the character of the person as I know him. Elchonon is a good person, who tries to do his best at everything he does, and is honest and forthright.

But now I had the opportunity to test it. People are not always the same in business as they are in a personal relationship, so it would remain to be seen if that would be the case or not in this situation.

Thriftycomputer.com recently had the opportunity to sell me some goods. It was an unusual situation with us being on two different continents, but the constellations were aligned. As you can see on their website they have great prices, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I must say that they were helpful, flexible in figuring out how to make the necessary arrangements and to overcome a number of obstacles, courteous and prompt. All that good press they have recently received was well-deserving. I now know that first-hand.


  1. I commend you, Rafi, for giving your buddy's business a boost.

    Neverthless, R' Elchonon would have made a far greater impression on me if, in his article entitled "3 Smart Computer Tips To Protect You And Save Time" he had not included no less than three smart links to another website promoting "natural wrinkle treatments", "wrinkles under the eyes", and also "wrinkles round the mouth".

    Next time to chat to your pal perhaps you will ask him מה הקשר מה הפשר, please?

    In the meantime, I hope you will understand if I take my computer-related business to someone who appears a little more focused.

  2. this post was unsolicited and written by me.

  3. What? The ad for wrinkle creams in an article on computer safety?

    I referred to the article published on Elchonon's website, for which you kindly provided the smartlink.

  4. oops. my bad. I used the wrong url - I added an s by mistake. fixed now. thanks.


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