Jan 23, 2012

The Next President of Israel

In a shocking turn of events, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly been raising the possibility of promoting and supporting Stanley Fisher, currently president of the Bank of Israel, as the next President of Israel when Shimon Peres will finish his term in 2014.

This is a blow to Speaker of the Knesset Ruby Rivlin who ran against Peres last time and was looking for widespread support for his future candidacy in the upcoming selection for president. Netanyahu promoting an alternate candidate is a big blow.

I do not think Fisher is the right man for the job, at this time. As great as he is as an economist, and perhaps in his demeanor and wisdom, he simply has not been part of Israel for long enough. Can he really know Israel well enough in the short time he has been here that he could represent Israel at that level? Personally, and I like Fisher a lot, I doubt it, and I do not consider it a good move.


  1. Israel needs a more open economy and competition. It's a good move, and the best way to make that happen.

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  3. "Israel needs a more open economy and competition. It's a good move, and the best way to make that happen."

    How? By removing one of the very best economists from the job he now does and "kicking him upstairs" to an impotent sinecure?

    Keep Fisher where he can continue to do what he does best and find another candidate for the presidency.

    Let's face it: Israel is not exactly short of men (and women) who have served their country well for decades and could be offered the chance of an illustrious career exit.

    All past Israeli presidents, including Shimon Peres, are good examples of this.

  4. I think Fisher should stay where he is, and as for Rivlin, he too still has a lot to offer the country, rather than being put upstairs. He could still be a minister, maybe even Prime Minister if he wanted to. I would like to see someone like Moshe Arens become president, or someone like Meir Shamgar, who was High Courst judge, or the Lindenstrauss fellow.

  5. I think Bibi is just flexing his muscles so Rivlin behaves himself and doesn't cause Bibi trouble in his position as speaker of the kneset.

  6. Since fisher wanted to go run the IMF, I find it doubtful that he wants to stay where he is.

  7. Interesting article in Globes on Fischer


    Fischer's failures coming home to roost

    International hedge fund advisor Avi Tiomkin says Israel will pay a heavy price for Stanley Fischer's mistakes


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