Jan 18, 2012

Interesting Posts #349

Interesting Posts #349

1. Were the Nachlaot Parents Negligent?

2. Ask The Rabbi

3. Building Tolerance - Even For Haredim

4. Biking in Israel

5. Milkman Predictions

6. How To Tell You have finally Become Israeli


  1. Sorry, but the relationship to the 'rabbi' in the 'Ask The Rabbi' post sounds like it verges on the cultish. I realize the writer is hassidish, and that probably explains it; but it sounds a bit extreme to me. Her idea of 'daas Torah' is not the standard in the whole Orthodox world, despite her representations. In fact, Rav Y.D. (or J.B.) Soloveitchik exemplified a very different model. He undoubtedly fit her criteria for a rav; yet part of his example and explicit teaching was that we invest too much authority and power in rabbanim. I would add that Rav Mordechai Eliyahu explicitly told me in one of our many converstations that 'you don't have to do as I say'; and that the heavenly court would hold me responsible for my actions whether or not I listened to his instruction. He, too, would certainly fit her criteria for a rav.

    I accept that her representation and the comments on that thread are one version in the observant world of a relationship with a rav; but I object to it being written as if it is THE way we must relate to our rav.

    For *one* different perspective in the Orthodox world, see: http://kavvanah.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/rav-soloveitchik-speaks-to-mental-health-professionals-1978/


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