Jan 16, 2012

Best Response To Cyber Attack On Israel Goes To...

The best response to the cyber war being waged against Israel was the following announcement from El Al. Today, hackers knocked offline the websites of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and of El Al.

And here was El Al's announcement:

We DO NOT take precautions on the activity of the company's website..

Isn't that just a wonderful thing to announce? Especially when they sell tickets and book reservations online?


  1. Does it say the same thing in Hebrew?

  2. I didnt see a hebrew version. the website has been down since..

  3. the site is back up now. I dont know where that announcement was posted. it was sent to me

  4. So - 1. who wrote the announcement El-Al or the hacker, 2. what was in the Hebrew version if there was one.


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