Jan 27, 2012

Sending Flowers From RBS To Natalie Mashiach

The following message was sent to the local email list and I encourage people to participate.
Natali Mashiach experienced the darker side of RBS a few days ago..
It's now our chance to show her we abhor this radical behaviour and we Do have a Heart!

Your last opportunity to put a few Shekels in the box at Gals Flower Shop (next to Yaaleh bakery on Nahal Kishon) is Friday 11.30am.

Thee bouquets will be sent to Natali in Bet Shemesh at Noon.

She will be pleasantly surprised when we convey the True Loving side of our exceptionally warm community!!

Dont miss out! Let's fill the box asap Friday morning!


  1. forget the flowers

    just give her the money so she can pay for the damage to the rental car.

  2. Rafi, thank you for publicizing this - would have missed the chance otherwise. Your blog is like a truly great small-town newspaper, and as a former reader of the Farmingdale Post, I mean that as a high compliment!

  3. And when you arrive home after putting money in the box please check you kid's school takanon and their policies about with whom your kid can associate.

    In a few years that box might be filling to send flowers for students of Harel,Etrog, Rappaport, Noga,Gila or Shaalei Torah.

    It is a beautiful idea and I believe people should support it. However the time has come for us to do some introspection and see if we ourselves don't harbor ill feelings toward religious Jews who aren't like us.

  4. Let me guess... Malinowitz will send a long winded letter to his kehillah saying "if u want to send flowers as a person, fine - but don't send flowers as a chareidi"

    Then he'll refuse to send flowers and compare it to being "suckerpunched"

  5. Pity I did not know about this before. Were they sent? How did she react?

  6. I wrote to the person behind the initiative and await a response.

  7. The person who organized it wrote back to me. he told me that there was a bit of money chipped in, the people behind it added some and the flower shop made a contribution as well and put together a beatiful bouquet.

    "Natali who lives in the rather poor side of BS in a was overwhelmed, her brother's words were - 'this is very heartwarming...!'
    I guess in that respect we achieved our goal... to show her there are people out
    there who do care....
    She has asked to publicise a meeting in Rontal hall on Tues night to create awareness about violence towards women.."


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