Jan 30, 2012

Driving The wrong Way on The Ayalon

In yesterday's crazy news, a driver was caught over the weekend driving in the wrong direction on the Ayalon Highway.

No, the driver was not drunk. The driver is 87 years old and was disoriented (to say the least). Even after the fact, the driver admitted he had realized he was going the wrong way (he says he was trying to find a place where he could do a quick u-turn to correct it) but he still denies he was even on the Ayalon Highway.

By the way, the driver says he was on his way to the beach. he was wearing flip flops on his feet. And neither the police nor the DMV have yet been able to figure out where and how he got onto the Ayalon while driving in the wrong direction.

You can see the fellow driving the wrong way on Ynet, as it was caught on the Ayalon security cameras. Not very exciting video, but you can see it.

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