Jan 26, 2012

Feiglin: The Geula Process Is Not On Auto-Pilot (video)

Feiglin: The Geula Process Is Not On Auto-Pilot

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  1. "Feiglin: The Geula Process Is Not On Auto-Pilot"

    This is clearly something I don't understand about the people who dissagree with this concept.

    The Jewish people did not return to Israel by an accident of history. The Jewish people actively decided to work towards that goal, and then history allowed it to happen.

    The thought that we can stop now and just wait and let things evolve with direction from the religious community is nonsense and folly. I often find myself believing that only the secular Jewish community can bring about the building of the beit Hamikdash, because the religious community has no desire to see their religion change or to see the Temple rebuilt via their own effort.


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