Jan 29, 2012

Train To Eilat To Take 2 Hours

PM Benjamin Netanyahu announced today that a train line will be erected to Eilat. Netanyahu said travel time to Eilat will be 2 hours (I assume from Tel Aviv, but he did not say). The line would be used as a passenger route and also as a cargo route for transferring cargo to Europe from Asia.

This plan was raised by Ariel Sharon many years ago. It has never gotten off the ground in any way beyond lip service. I hope Netanyahu gets this project going as it could really make a big difference in the development of the South.


  1. I would not be surprised to learn that its 2 hours to beer sheva.

  2. It currently is like 1:40 to Beer Sheva. However I think the plan is to upgrade the tracks so that it will be much faster. Such a thing is possible it just takes commitment and money.

    I read a while ago the the PM has contracted with some firms from China to do this. And before you scoff go read about the expansion of high speed rail in China, they have gone from more or less nothing to one of the largest modern rail networks in a decade or two. I guess being a single party state has the advantage that when someone at the top decides to do something it can get done fast. (That being said I still would rather live in a democracy)


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