Jan 18, 2012

Shocking. Jerusalem Center, Homeless lying unconscious and no one cares (video)

Shocking. Jerusalem Center, Homeless lying unconscious and no one cares

Does this guy look like he is unconscious and needs help? Does he look like he is sleeping/resting, a sight not uncommon on the pedestrian walkway of downtown Jerusalem? Does he look like he is trying to pull a scam on people? He looks to be moving, so I am not sure he is as unconscious as the title claims. The video only shows him from the back, not the front, so tt could be people didnt offer help for very good reasons that are not shown in the video.


  1. I suppose being busy taking a video of the guy is also a good reason for not offering to help ....

    But perhaps he's a bum, maybe sleeping off drunkenness, or just lying there oblivious to the world around him. And perhaps most of the people walking by have seen him there before and are used to it.

  2. I've often seen a man sleeping on the mid-rahov. I've also seen him awake but just lying there. People give him shekels to buy food. Maybe this is the same man. Lots of unusual scenes around our town.

  3. Why didn't the guy videoing help him if he needed help? Clearly any passerby would see that someone was paying attention to him and would think more help wasn't needed.

  4. You can see his hand moving in the typical manner the "schnorrers" use. There are many who do as he; lie down on a piece of card and hold their hand out.


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