Jan 17, 2012

Interesting Posts #348

Interesting Posts #348

1. Owning The Rabbi

2. Secret Identities and Blogging

3. Religious Jews Are The Worst Kind

4. Nachlaot Pedophilia

5. The Hazon Ish and Rav Shlomo Goren

6. Haagen Dazs Not Kosher Enough For Israel - I think he overreaches his argument a bit, but he raises some interesting points of discussion.

7.  Tag Machmir

8. Bashert in Other Religions


  1. Whats it take to be an interesting post? ;-)

  2. just to be interesting, and that i should think my readers might find it interesting.
    unique always helps. and I have to find it.

  3. I concur, thanks for the link! How'd you find me, just out of curiosity?


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