Jan 23, 2012

Does Feiglin Make A Stronger Likud Or A Weaker Likud?

I support the Likud, and I support Moshe Feiglin. Whether or not he will ever garner enough support to actually become the head of the Likud is besides the point. For me, at least. I believe that a strong opposition with the Likud is good for the Likud. Just like a strong opposition is good for the government, and good for any leading body, as I believe it helps keep that body in check, keeps them honest, makes them enhance their own positions and actions, so too it is good for the Likud. Even if Moshe Feiglin would never actualize his goals, and I do not know if he will or will not, I believe Moshe Feiglin is good for the Likud, and thereby good for Israel (as the Likud is the ruling party in Israel).

That being said, I am always willing to entertain the arguments that Feiglin should not be in the Likud. What is even more interesting than the argument of Feiglin moving to Ichud Leumi to be more successful, is the following tidbit.

Srugim has published a letter distributed by a group called Hamateh HaYehudi HaLeumi - the Jewish Nationalist Branch - regarding the upcoming Likud primaries. The director of this group talks about how he has supported Netanyahu due to his great abilities, blah blah blah.

When he gets to discussing Feiglin's candidacy, he presents an unusual argument. He says Feiglin and his group cause tremendous harm to the national camp and to Israel because every vote that is given to Feiglin in the internal Likud elections sends 1000 votes away from the Likud [in the general elections] and moves them to the political left. He says that Feiglin being in the Likud chases votes away. Even with him not as leader of the party.

He is so against Feiglin that even though he says he no longer supports Netanyahu due to his treatment of today's pioneers (referring to the settlers, and those in the outposts), he will not support Feiglin either. he calls on people to not vote Netanyahu in the upcoming primaries, but to vote a protest vote with an empty ballot.

Do not vote Netanyahu, but do not vote for his opponent either.

I am far from convinced that he is right, but it is a unique argument.


  1. I agree that Feiglin is bad for Likud.

    If he ever became head of Likud, it would drive moderate voters away from Likud, probably to whatever centralist Part props up (possibly kadima), which would almost guarantee a center-left government.

    On the off-chance that Likud did manage to win more votes than any other party, it would be because they took votes from the Right-wing parties, making it almost impossible for a Feiglin-lead Likud to for a coalition - unless he could share power with Labour/Kadima.

    And I agree with the opinion that even if Feiglin does not win the primary, he gives the impression thjat Likud is a far-right party similar to Ichu Halumi, it will drive many traditional center-right voters.

    If Israel doesn't want a left-wing government, it needs a strong Center-Right party (Likud) and a strong Right (Ichud Halumi), I think Feiglin can only hurt both parties.

  2. The Likud's acting as another branch of the center-left just confuses Likud voters and makes them wander off to places like Kadima. A Feiglinized, more right wing Likud sends a clear message to the right-wing and center majority of the country that Likud has a clear identity. In sum, more Feiglin power means more votes for Likud.

  3. There is a myth that most Israelis are what is called "centrist". That "centrist" is really "leftist." The vast majority of Israelis are right-leaning and traditional. Feiglin does not scare them away - he empowers them to be who they are: Jewish lovers of Israel.

    If the writer of that article cannot bring himself to vote in the Likud primaries, why did he and his associates go to the trouble to register thousands of Yesha residents for the Likud? So that they could all stay home and make a "demonstration?" Just another spectacular example of a person who will do anything not to shoulder responsibility and lead Am Yisrael, preferring to stay on the sidelines and wail.

    I'm voting Feiglin!

  4. Sorry Rena,

    I regard myself as Center-Right and am totally terrified of Feiglin. Having heard him speak, I don't see any difference between him and the far right extremist parties or even Kach.

    Most Likud voters are not Feiglin people. I would imagine that many (most?) of the people that Feiglin signed up for Likud membership are not Likud voters.

  5. So what if Feiglin has ideas similar to those of Rabbi Kahane? Rabbi Kahane was right, masses of Israelis felt so while he was alive, and even more now realize that he was right. If only the Likud were to adopt Kahanist ideas. This would simply be a demonstration of true leadership and an end to straddling the fence regarding Judea and Samaria.


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