Jan 17, 2012

MK Tibi Is About To Get A Much Needed Vacation

MK Ahmed Tibi, a very talented speaker, has now been banned from the Knesset for a week, due to his sharp tongue.

After MK Anastasia Michaeli tossed a cup of water over MK Raleb Majadale, she was banned for a month. Tibi, in the wake of the incident, gave a speech in the Knesset where he criticized the incident, and if I understood it correctly he criticized the response (thinking it too light of a punishment) and pointed out the trend of fascist laws being proposed.. His words were very sharp, and he used language inappropriate for the Knesset (for anywhere really, but the Knesset has official rules). As a result, Tibi has been banned from the Knesset for a week, starting this coming Sunday.

Before being banned, Tibi continued showing off his chutzpah. Yesterday a proposed law by MK Ahmed Tibi was rejected by the Knesset. The law would have declared East Jerusalem as being Al Quds, and it would have also labeled Arab fighters from the time of the establishment of the State as "lochamim" or "fighters" rather than as terrorists or enemy.

Tibi said in response to the rejection of his proposed law that "the Knesset is going crazy with wholesale rejections of his proposed laws, whose purpose is to show the Palestinian narrative form his perspective and from the perspective of the Arab community in Israel. The Knesset is unwilling to hear another opinion. I retain the right to turn to the Supreme Court, as I did regarding the Naqba Law that had also been rejected by the presidential authority of the knesset." .

I am regularly amazed that Tibi and others like him are not called traitors but are allowed to continue actively in the Knesset fighting against Israel from within. I have no problem with him fighting for Arab rights and whatnot, but that he actually fights for Palestinian positions is ridiculous. What country allows the enemy position to take root in local law and discussion? He expects Israel to pass laws protecting people who fought against Israel? he expects Israel to pass laws establishing the Palestinian claims as law? Is he out of his mind? Maybe this week-long vacation he is about to embark on will allow him to step back and gain some perspective on reality.

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  1. you mean enable some of the Jewish Israelis to gain that perspective...


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