Jan 19, 2012

Playing With The Blood Of Erlikhe Jews

An Anonymous Guest Post

Attached find yesterday's copy of "Dvar Yom Be'yomo" - a daily paper of simchos and classified ads, distributed daily in Williamsburg shuls and groceries.

Here's my translation (everything is sic. This is a literal trans.):

Residents of Williamsburg, brothers in opinion:
Being that recently some began to sell in our town the "Ami" magazine which spreads rotten views (hashkafot) of Haskalah and Zionism, and particularly, recently they went a step forward to defame the erlikhe (pious) Jews in Israel who endure bitter persecution and arrests from the Zionists hitters and police, and instead of writing about the inhuman persecution of religion in our Holy Land they chose to legitimize all the cruelty by over blowing alleged "extreme acts" committed by the oppressed ehrlikhe (-pious) Jews - which only came as a result of a long chain of persecuting religion - as if these acts are retroactively the cause of the vast hate of religion by the Zionists,

In the same time that outspoken Zionist leaders and parties are written up there with the nicest colors as if they, with extremism have no connection...

People (Rabosai)! We can't remain quiet when this hazardous magazine is playing with the blood of ehrlikhe (pious) Jews who fight the fight of God in Israel.

Demand from your grocer to take out this magazine and make it clear to him that you wouldn't want to buy in a store that is hurting you feelings and helps defame your ehrlikhe (pious) hashkafot (views) with loathly incitement.

Such magazines were never sold among us and we're asking not to break the boundaries that our forefathers erected.
Remember! "A customer has the strongest power!"
Here is the place to thank the over 20 groceries! Taking into account their customers feelings they don't take in anymore this magazine/pashkevill in their stores!


  1. I realized you "sicced" everything, but "costumer" for "customer" is pretty funny. Those costume makers do have the strongest power...!

  2. And I thought that you meant everything about the announcement was sick! :)

  3. Banning goes both ways.

    Check the Yichas of each Mishloach coming to your shuls and homes.


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