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Jan 24, 2012

A Satirical Look At What Happens When A Haredi Man Sneezes (video)

A Satirical Look At What Happens When A Haredi Man Sneezes

The video seems pretty obvious, showing the secular surroundings like the Wild West, with violence and crime, while the policeman dozes. When the haredi fellow sneezes, the policeman grabs and arrests him and calls in the troops for backup.

It is a sad look at society - both that people look at society and see it functioning like that, and that, to a certain extent, there is a bit of truth to it.


  1. Maybe it would have been more realistic if he had spit?

  2. Right. All chareidim spit.

    Thank you for fueling the fire of hate, maam

  3. What would the impact have been if it showed hudreds of Charedim sneezing at once?

  4. While better than the "Nazi" exhibition...the message is the same. Unfortunately, the police have ignored the Chareidi society too much and some them have gotten to the point of extremism.

    Would you rather they wake up when the Chareidi extremists actually kill someone?


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