Jan 31, 2012

Minister of Internal Security Coming To Bet Shemesh Today

Minister of Internal Security Yitzchak Aharonovitch has announced that he will be coming, today, to Bet Shemesh to take a look and see for himself how things are being dealt with. Aharonovitch's office explained that he goes around the country to see things under his authority and this trip is nothing unusual and will be spent checking out both Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh.

Interestingly, the hooligans do not like the idea of him coming to check things out. It seems they prefer that the area should remain lawless and unsupervised. Kikar quotes the hooligans as saying that "he is coming only to instigate us. The past week has been quiet in Bet Shemesh, but it seems they are looking for action and balagan in order to get the media to talk about it. We will know how to protest against Aharonovitch. We also have not forgotten how Nisso Shaham (head of Jerusalem police who recently declared war against the hooligans of Mea Shearim) has done things to the Haredim that no other police chief has done.."

It should get interesting....


  1. so how was it?

  2. I am not aware of any protests against his visit. According to http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4183247,00.html he went to OROT and also met with Natalie Mashiach. She asked him why the perps were let out of jail mostly to house arrest. Aharonovitch explained that the police detain susects in order to investigate. Once they get all the info they need, by law they must release them to house arrest. It is up to the prosecutor after that.

    Mashiach claims she did not just point out random people, as the defense lawyer claimed. She says she has their faces clearly etched in her mind from the attack.

  3. i am skeptical about the chances of getting any convictions in the mashiach case. i mean, let's get real. those folks will have no trouble getting 5 witnesses for each suspect willing to swear in court that these guys were saying tehillim, delivering food to holocaust survivors, rebuilding a shelter for battered women, whatever, at the time of the attack.


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