Jan 26, 2012

Is Mashiach Responsible For Paying For The Damage Done?

I was wondering if Natalie Mashiach would have to pay for the damage done to her car. The car was a rental, from Shlomo Sixt, and, assuming she had not bought full coverage "walk away" insurance, she should technically have to pay the deductible. On the other hand, this was a big story, similar to a terror attack. I was wondering if she would be made to pay for the damage done - in the form of the deductible.

I went into Shlomo Sixt and asked the clerk what would be. When a similar story happens from Palestinians, the State pays for the damage, due to it being labeled a terror attack. In this situation there is no recognized terror organization behind the attack and it will be labelled as a crime rather than a terrorist attack. Maybe if Ketzaleh's attempt to label these thugs as a recognized terrorist group would pass this would be different, but so far they are not recognized as such.

The clerk's response was that they do not know what will happen and if she will have to pay or not. Nothing similar has ever happened [to their cars] before.

What do you think? Would she have to pay? I don't see why they would not be able to charge her for the damage (the deductible), unfortunate for her as that might be, but she should also be able to sue the perpetrators for it, assuming the police catch and prosecute the right people.


  1. when, many years ago, my 4 tires were slashed because my neighbours thought that i wasn't as frum-looking as they would have liked, i was told by the police "too bad it wasn't an arab, then you could have gotten the govt to pay for the damages."

  2. Those arrested and if successfully prosecuted should have to pay restitution as part of their sentence--especially if they are not given any jail time. And they should not be released from jail until the victim is reimbursed in full by the perps. Why should the victim's insurance rates go up? Moreover, the bystanders should take up a collection and give from their own pockets for being bad samaritans. Why aren't the perps members of a terror group? They are an organized group who plan and repeatedly carry out the will of their leaders whether by direct order, tacit approval, or their silence that encourages evil acts for the purpose of physically and/or emotionally harming other people of whom they do not approve for religious, racial, political, and other excuses. They absolutely should be treated by the govt as terrorists. Next they'll demand you get rid of all the bicycle paths for bittl Torah.


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