Nov 1, 2006

New Mentos and Diet Coke video

The mad scientists from are back with their latest experiment of mixing Mentos and Diet Coke. It looks like this experiment was a success. So far, their biggest and most complicated yet... enjoy


  1. I honestly can't think of any better use for coke. But I'm starting to feel bad for all that poor innocent grass.

    This goes beyond the science fair... WOW.

  2. Great! Just last week my 2 oldest did their own diet coke/mentos experiment.

    Why does every kid who does this feel they have to fil it and start of by saying, "This is the diet coke and metos experiment..."

  3. Wow, look out science fair! Pretty cool stuff. Gotta love mentos!

  4. cant believe i actually watched the entire thing. a kind of horrified fascination made me. whatta grand waste of money but so absolutely awesome.

  5. they are awesome. I am pretty sure that now that you have seen your first mentos-diet coke video, you will likely be searchign youtube and google video for mentos and diet coke videos within a few days. There are some cool vids, but the eepy guys are the best...


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