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May 29, 2008

And we have a winner!

In a very tight competition, today a winner was announced. Israel now has an official National Bird.

The Red Falcon, the Hoopoe, the Warbler, and the Hoplopterus Spinosus all ran a tough battle as finalists for the coveted title.

The competition ran for 6 months, and 155,00 Israelis took part in the voting and narrowing down the various rounds of competition.

And the winner is..... (drumroll please)... the Hoopoe (Doochifas in Hebrew)!!!!

I personally think the Turkey would have been a more fitting selection, but I was not on the panel... :-)


  1. Very cool. The duchifat has been my favorite bird since I used to watch them during my student job at Tel Hashomer in the 70's. The really do have character.

  2. IIRC, Ben Franklin wanted the turkey as the USA's national bird, me thinks that the DODO bird (one that is extinct and no longer relavent in the world today) would have been a better choice

  3. We all wanted to vote for the (construction) crane!
    Eema2four (and family)

  4. what's wrong with a nesher? (although then everyone would fight over what it really means)

  5. B"H

    Treif, of course. How fitting.

    The bird represents the gov't's desire to "be like the goyim."

    I'm surprised they didn't pick they dove, though.


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