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May 26, 2008

The noose is tightening

You know the noose is tightening around Olmert's neck when all of the sudden you turn on the radio and hear, or open a newspaper and read, all these statements by ministers of Kadima about what the government has to do vis a vis Gaza, or the Golan or whatever else is under discussion, when until now the ministers kept quiet and let Olmert do whatever he wanted.

They are all trying to position themselves to be the most capable and best positioned for replacing Olmert. Just today i heard Sheetrit talking about how we cannot talk with Hamas and we have to attack in Gaza and every day passing is a day lost, etc. Where has he been until now? Sure once every couple of months we heard him say that eventually we will need to attack, but now all of the sudden he is speaking up about how important it is.

Mofaz and Dichter and the rest of them are all talking up against Olmert giving up the Golan, attacking in Gaza, etc.

They all feel the noose tightening around Olmert.

the only one to stay out of it is Tzippi Livni. I think it might be because she has nothing to say, and if she laid out her positions, she would be tossed by the voters. The analysts seem to think she is against primaries and wants to be chosen (by the Kadima ruling management), as the replacement, and that is why she stays quiet.

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