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May 7, 2008

A rare look at the Israeli Air force (video)

CBS News 60 Minutes somehow got permission to get an inside look at the Israeli Air Force and interview some pilots. They posted this amazing video of the experience...

Some of the quotes I thought were worth excerpting:
  • "Here you are, a key member of the defense establishment of the state of Israel. Is it a little bit risky to have you flying once a week in different war planes?" Simon asks. "Risk is part of my job," the major general explains.
  • How did they find a uniform so small?
  • "I must tell you, your face, your manners, your demeanor, you don't look like a killer. And yet, what you do a lot of the time, when you're over Gaza, you're killing,
  • we didn’t have smart bombs, we had smart bombers

and now for the video.....


  1. Thanks for posting that. I thought that Bob Simon was quite pompous with such statements. Any student of history would recognize how they are similar to Hannah Arendt's comments about Eichmann in her book the Banality of Evil.

    The young flyers didn't handle themselves too well about "killing." They could have said that the blame is on the Arabs, against the Geneva convention etc. Dovair Tzahal should have briefed them better. Of course, the older people did a better job.

  2. LOUIS3105:

    i don't know. compared to what i am used to seeing, i thought it was pretty positive. the video does make it clear, for example, that palestinians fire from civilian areas. i agree that simon was over the top by calling the pilot a "killer," but overall i think this is good hasbarah


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