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May 30, 2008

Kever Yosef (video)

no time to write it up yet. For now, enjoy the video. Write-up will come later.

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  1. What were they saying indide ? tikun haklali? because in the middle they start screaming and shakin and davening.. would have brought the roof down except the arabs already did!

    Theres nothing like a 2am kever yosef visit it was AMAZING!!

    And the thousands that just swamped the junctions with the tiny chance they'd get on.. unbelievable!! and its deep in the shomron to boot!

    I am told that the bus behind us was jammed packed.

    And everyone well behaved.. its very good everyone follows through and makes easier for army.. in and out..

    The last thing they want is guys wandering around lol.


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