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May 6, 2008

Looking for an exciting anti-terror experience?

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I have not done much shooting of weapons. Guns were just not our thing, when we were growing up. The only shooting I have done is as part of mishmar ezrachi - shooting those old World War 2 M1 carbine rifles in target practice a few times. I almost had to shoot one once while on patrol, but that is another story.

Caliber3, a special anti-Terror training site in Gush Etzion, has opened their doors to the public. Now all of us wanna-bes can go and practice shooting and get anti-terror training and get that adrenaline rush we are always looking for.

Consider Caliber3 as another option for what to do on Yom Ha'atzmaut during your vacation day, or check them out for any other day you are looking for an exciting experience.

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