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May 6, 2008

make a little extra cash on Yom Ha'aztmaut

If you are interested in making a little extra cash on Yom Ha'atzmaut, you might be interested in this post....

the kannoim of RBS B have advertised in the shteiblach on Rechov Hillel (Kiryas HaRama - their stronghold) that anybody willing to fast and wear sackcloth on the holiday of the Zionists can register and earn $100.

Granted, it is not even minimum wage, but, as they say, every penny counts.


  1. Sorry, I wish I could, but I'm scheduled to roam the streets beating up immodestly dressed women on that day.

  2. that you can do while dressed in sackcloth. problem solved.

  3. what if i wear the sackcloth while i fan my mangal?

  4. I just did the calculation. Actually it is much better than minimum wage.

    using an 8 hour day, it comes to about 42shekel an hour. (at an exchange rate of 3.4) (but the job is probably not for an 8 hour day, so the hourly pay is likely even better)

    the Zionist law of minimum wage provides for just under 20NIS per hour (when paid hourly rather than weekly or monthly).

    So you are better off working for the kannoim.

  5. Do the rules of the offer prohibit painting your sackcloth blue and white?

  6. since when do chareidim work for 8 hours a day?

  7. Is the $100 given at the Hareidi exchange rate of 4NIS/$?

  8. zionist - I guess because Yom Haatzmaut is a Zionist holiday with an obligatory vacation day, they consider it a mitzva to work on Yom Haatzmaut

    DBAL - that is a great suggestion.

  9. yomi - I don't know. they probably just hand you $100, as I am sure they avoid use of Zionist currency


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