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May 12, 2008

the greatest threat to Judaism

In light of the recent articles written on the topic of "The greatest threat to Judaism today", in which Jonathan Rosenblum started out suggesting that Pesach hotels are the greatest threat, followed by responses by bloggers and follow up articles, Rabbi Horowitz is conducting a poll to see what you think is the greatest threat to judaism today.

Check out what people think are the great threats of the day, and add your own thoughts.


  1. Kol Hakavod Rav Horowitz!

    After visiting his poll I see some common issues and one that stands out...LEADERSHIP!

    If we had more Rabbonim who were not afraid of their own shadows and inerested in just promoting their agenda Klal Yisroel would be in better shape.

    Leadership would also address the plague of "looking down" at those who don't do exactly as we do.

    It sickens me how in RBSA we have Rabbonim who look down on other Rabbonim, shuls, schools and organizations that follow the Derech HaTorah albeit with a different flavor than their's.

    Where is Ahavas Chinam and mutual respect?

  2. I nominate blogs!

  3. yoni - that is so 2007!

  4. "Where is Ahavas Chinam and mutual respect?"

    Exactly. The greatest threat is pretty much Sinat Chinam. And that is the primary reason we don't have a bet mikdash today, and the primary reason why mashiach hasn't arrived yet.



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