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May 4, 2008

Eidah HaCharedis against their own hechsher

They have no problem charging the companies money and providing them with a hechsher, but the Eidah still put out the following pashkevil...

It calls upon the public to refrain from buying any food item that has the symbol of the Israeli flag on the wrapper (placed there in honor of the upcoming Yom Ha'atzmaut), and stores should refuse to allow these products onto their shelves. They say they requested from companies whose products are under their hechsher that they not place the flag on their labels. The companies, such as Osem and others refused, and have placed the flag on their products.


  1. "Umitzapim L'yoshua"

    I guess with stories like this we'll just have to wait longer!

    (and I guess the Arabic on Badatz products is 100% ok)

  2. that is fine, because we need to be under their rule.

  3. Their condition is despicable, but your headline is misleading. If the company broke the conditions of contract, the Edah Charedit has to denounce them to prevent this from happening in the future.

  4. I am not sure what you mean.

    But regardless, it does not seem to be a breach of contract. Just the eidah saw them all putting the flag on the products and requested they refrain from doing so. the companies said no. So the Eidah is telling people to avoid buying those products. I don't see breach of contract. Just the Eidah telling people not to buy products even if the Eidah has their hechsher on them

  5. It's not necessarily a breach of contract (I haven't seen the contract).

    The point of paying for a hechsher is to open up certain markets the the person who pays for it. For the same organization which is being paid for that reason to advise the members of that market not to give the manufactuer their business is bad faith at least, and possibly a conflict of interest.

  6. Isn't it going just a bit too far to refer to the Israeli flag as idol worship (that's what the shulchan Aruch refers to in these se'ifim). I would think that the dollar is more likely to be avoda zora than the israeli flag.
    Maybe all the charedi stores will be having a sale on avoda zara products over the next few days - great way to stock up after the price hikes this past week.

  7. But notice how they're not pulling their hechsher from these Zionist (phooey) brands.


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