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May 28, 2008

The state of Israeli politics

Members of the Labor Party are upset.

Ehud Barak went into serious consultations last night, post-Talansky. He had to figure out the best way to respond that would bring him the most benefit (or perhaps you prefer the least damage).

Who did Ehud Barak turn to? One would expect he would turn to the senior members of the Labor Party. Fellow ministers. The Chairman of the Labor Party. Others of simiar stature who could help work out a plan that would be both best for the party and best for Israel (as they see it).

That is what one would expect. Ehud Barak did not turn to these people. he turned to Reuven Adler. His PR man.

Reuven Adler has the reputation of being a PR genius. He was Ariel Sharon's right hand. Sharon did nothing without getting Adler's approval. Adler and Olmert did not get along, so after Sharon's demise and Olmert's ascension to power, Adler took on two new clients: Tzippi Livni and Ehud Barak.

Barak last night went to Reuven Adler, his publicist and PR guy, and asked him what he should do. They worked out a plan which Barak is going to announce in a press conference later today.

Now the headlines are showing that Labor members are furious at Barak for consulting with Adler and not with them.

This is the sorry state of Israeli politics right now - where senior people turn to marketing people to figure out political moves rather than to their cohorts and fellow ideaologists.

Then again, that is precisely how we got to this point. Sharon did this with mastery, and Olmert took it to a new level. Barak is just doing the same as them.


  1. Where are our G-d fearing honest leaders?
    Now is the time to topple the govt. To throw out the crooks who have been betraying the Land and the People.
    We have such a woolly bunch of opposition leaders.
    Stop bleating and moaning from the herd - Get up and make a noise!

    Moshe Feiglin - where are you??

    Leaders of Israel, now is your time, make a stand, Am Yisrael is behind you!

  2. If Livni and Barak still share the same PR guy, that demonstrates that the Kadima fusion of left-Likud and right-Labor is not being dissolved.

  3. I'm not going to post on here again until this character Shaul in Germany stops taking duplicates of everything I write. I assume he is using Europol software to do it, and it certainly hasn't escaped my attention that unlike any other blogger comment account I've seen, this one has an https:// prefix.

  4. who is shaul and where do you see him duplicating your posts?

  5. It isn't your blog alone he has done it to, Rafi, it's my whole blogger.com account, making it copy everything I post to anyone's blogger.com blog. He is at

    He is a Jew resident in Germany and I imagine using Mossad to pull rank on Europol. I just hadn't noticed it until I posted here, because this was the first blogger.com blog I had visited for a while.

  6. I am no jew. :-)

    Found this c-t in google and hey.. I like it.


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