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May 26, 2008

how could he sign it if he was not there?

I have not written about the geirus controversy for two reasons:
  1. Many others have written about it, from either side of the table, and I had nothing new or better to say on it.
  2. I do not really know what to believe. Are the Rabbonim on the beis din really canceling all these conversions just because of politics and tryng to take away legitimacy from the National Religious community? It seems so ridiculous! They must be basing it on actual halachah, even if they are taking a more machmir stand than what others might deem prudent. But on the other hand, the allegations of how this whole thing went down seem so strong that it is hard to believe politics are not involved. I am no expert in the halachah, and I am not savvy to the political games being played in this situation, so I chose to stay out of it. The only thing I have now decided to do is point you to a post by Ben Chorin who has a shocking revelation of how things work in this system.

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