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May 4, 2008

Burqas against terror

Bet Shemesh. A wonderful, peaceful community. We have almost the big-city feel, with the small town atmosphere. One of the ways this manifests itself, is the fact that there has never been a terrorist attack in Bet Shemesh. Sure, there is crime, but there is crime everywhere. There has never been a terror attack though in Bet Shemesh.

While Jerusalem has been riddled over the years with stabbings, stonings, shootings and bombings, while Tel Aviv has suffered as well by stabbings and bombings, while all other major, and some minor, cities have suffered the same at various levels, Bet Shemesh has avoided the terrorists.

Now we know why.

has published an article (in Hebrew) with many of the things Bruria Keren, leader of the Burqa cult, has said during the investigation over the past few weeks. She denies the allegations, and that is her right and they will obviously have to prove in court that she is guilty, claiming she did not abuse the kids, incest and other sexual issues are blatant lies, etc. You can read the article for the details. Ynet published some of it in English, so I am not going to bother translating the article.

The most interesting part of the whole thing is her claim that since she moved to Bet Shemesh there have been no terror attacks, and it is not because of the police protection, but because of her prayers. She has been protecting Bet Shemesh.

Regardless of the fact that even before she moved to BS there were no terror attacks, she knows that she has been providing our protection ever since she moved to BS. Keren claims that 5 years ago she went to America to marry off a daughter. While she was there, there was "almost a terrorist attack (an explosion of a device) in Bet Shemesh". She heard about it so she came back right away. Since she returned there has never again been any terror incident or any problem with Arabs. She says, "Instead of letting me pray quietly, you disturb me. I forgive you, but the one protecting us is me, not you, even if you think I am crazy."

Now why would anyone think that?

A Mother in Israel
has posted on this as well, and will be providing a full translation of the Maariv article, at some point.


  1. No terror attacks? What do you call the acts of her son in law in RBS?

  2. clearly those are part of what is protecting us....

  3. So the more people get beaten up in RBS, the safer it really is.


  4. you got it. But anyway, at best she would categorize that under crime and not under terror.

  5. Perhaps there have been no attacks because would be bombers are confused by her and her ilk.

    They see the burqas and figure it must be an Arab village.

  6. Ahned - I like that reason! lol

  7. It just doesn't jive--she's so tzanua but she is sure that her prayers alone that protect an entire city. And she has no problem having that printed in the newspaper either.

  8. MoI: Don't confuse tznuit (modesty) with anava (humility).

  9. Although I hear that response from many charedim not dressed in burqas. It is almost always the first (and often the only) reason why one does not join the army.


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