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May 27, 2008

Olmert makes me sick

One thing that particularly disturbs me about this whole Olmert corruption/investigation is this (aside from the actual charges and suspicions):

A couple of months ago, Ehud Olmert blasted Binyamin Netanyahu for what he considered excessive lavishness during his stay in London during the Second Lebanon War, which was funded (partially) by private donors.

Bibi was there on behalf of the government acting as the only PR voice and he did an amazing job. he gave interview after interview explaining why Israel was at war, and he was roundly praised for his efforts and for his success.

So he stayed in a luxurious hotel room while he did it and ate in an expensive restaurant. And part of it was paid for by his friends and part by himself.

Ehud Olmert, and his cronies, blasted Bibi for that relentlessly.

Now it turns out, assuming Talansky told the truth today in his testimony, that Olmert himself insisted on first class tickets, expensive restaurants and hotel rooms, high class cigars and pens, all at the expense of private people.

So what right did he have to blast Bibi about what he himself was doing?


  1. I noticed also the hotel part. What i thought was funny was that Olmert was watching movies.
    Now everyone is entitled to movies. Everyone needs to veg and relax, and anyone can watch movies. But here's the thing: You are bringing up a 5000 bill for someone else who is paying for it, and you gotta, you just have to order movies too?! There isn't enough channels at the Ritz-Carlton in D.C that you have to order a movie also? Kinda makes you wonder what movie he ordered...

  2. I noticed the movie thing and it struck me as funny to be mentioned. I hadn't thought of it the way you put it. I wonder how expensive the movies could have been that it even deserved mention.


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