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May 18, 2008

Olmert doesn't follow his own moral code (video)

PM Ehud Olmert is under investigation for some serious bribery and crimes still not yet revealed because of a partial gag order. It looks like he is on the brink of being served an indictment. He refuses, so far, to suspend himself claiming the law does not require him to.

When former President Moshe Katzav was under investigation for possible sexual crimes against some women working for him, Ehud Olmert was one of those who very publicly took a stand and called on Katzav to resign despite no indictment having been served. As a matter of fact, until today, still no indictment has yet been served against Katzav (because of plea bargains).

Ehud Olmert insisted Katzav follow a moral code that he himself refuses to follow. Listen to PM Olmert demand Katzav's self-suspension:

1 comment:

  1. You expect a man under investigation for being corrupt to live up to ANY moral standard???


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