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May 11, 2008

shooting our first model rocket (video)

After many days and much effort in putting together a model rocket, we finally decided it was a good day to head out to an open area and try shooting it off. We actually expected it to not work, figuring we must have done something wrong while putting it together. Another thing we thought was that we would all be arrested. I mean, it can't be legal to shoot rockets in Israel, can it?

We went up to the area where RBS Gimmel is supposed to be built. We have never been up there to look around so we decided we would do that at the same time. I don't know if what is up there is new or built a long time ago, but there is a whole network of paved roads...

and some video...

When it finally went off, we were sure it was going to spin around and fly right at us and explode.
In the video it was hard to locate the rocket in the sky because the day was very bright, so it sort of comes and goes. The strong winds blew the rocket (which opened a parachute for landing) way into the mountains, so we have not retrieved it.
Tip: when shooting a model rocket,., follow the advice on the box and find a large flat open area.

Next time we go to Sderot and aim it towards Gaza....


  1. All I can say is...wow.

    Just hope the UN doesn't find out...because if they do they will call for international sanctions against Rafi via a non-binding resolution. ;-)

    Either way, that was great to see, you have to show us more video's next time...not to mention locate the rocket.


    What song is that? I'm learning hebrew so I am trying to find out some music to help me along (since I listen to music on my phone a lot).


  2. the song is Atah Kadosh by Adi Ran. I picked it for no particular reason

  3. Notice how the cameraman was standing quite far from the launch pad :)

  4. i bought one of these rocket kits when i was a kid, but i never fired it. i think it is still in my mother's basement.

    you are supposed to attach your phone number to the parachute to see where it lands.

    the whole post i was wondering why you didn't go down to sederot to shoot it off

    shavuah tov

  5. I suggested it right away, but my kids did not want to sit through a 45 minute drive. they were anxious to shoot it right away... maybe next time

  6. RBS G??? Whoa!

  7. Dude i'm with you!! does it make a loud noise ? we need a davidka style mortar that makes a ton of noise but no damage that way we dont get arrested.

  8. BTW was it as exciting as firing TNT sticks in garbage cans in chicago ;)

  9. tns - I guess the correct shortened term would be RBS C...

    elchonon - no, but then it was my adrenaline of a teenager....

  10. where did you get the model rocket kit from?

  11. ahhh, that's a whole nother story....


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