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May 11, 2008

Standing for the Tzfira

I just heard (second hand) this great Yom Ha'Zikaron anecdote about standing for the siren...

Introduction: the Hebrew word for siren is tzfira

This American seminary girl was returning to Israel from her Pesach trip home to the USA (visiting her family). She happened to return to Israel on the night of Yom Ha'Zikaron, though she knew nothing about that.

Anyway, so she is in the taxi on the way to Jerusalem from the airport. The taxi driver stops the taxi and says, "tzfira". The clock strikes 8 and the siren begins to wail. They stand outside of the taxi, and the sem girl starts shuckling and says the Bracha of "Al Sfiras Ha'Omer" and counts that days Omer.

After that she recounts how beautiful it is that in Israel, they sound a siren to announce the Sefira and everyone counts at the same time.


  1. that's not too early to count?

  2. it might be a few minutes too early. she probably would not have known the correct time or have had a way to check./ If the siren went off and she was told it was for counting omer, and it was already nightime, she probably would not have even thought of checking that.

  3. 8:00 was fine. Shekiah was around 7:26 in Tel Aviv that night, so 8:00 was perfectly acceptable to count.

  4. Cant you guys just laugh at the joke. Its funny. Dont take life so seriously.


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