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May 26, 2008

Chabad recognizes the Rebbe died

A bitter fight was just concluded in Netanya, with the local Chabad house coming out victorious.

The local Chabad house wanted the street name of "Max Nordau Street" to be changed to "Lubavitcher Rebbe Street".

The local residents were against the name change and fought it bitterly.

The local Chabad house won, as the mayor supported their petition.

The name change does not bother me, but I wonder if it could have been done in a better way without religious jews having to embitter the local secular/traditional residents. I mean, how important is a street name anyway that it is something that has to be fought over?

It seems strange for Chabad to get into such a fight with locals. Their whole success is based on good relations with the locals wherever they are. How are they going to ask people to put n tefillin and come for a glass of vodka when the neighbors now hate them?

But, regardless, they chose to fight for it and they won.

I guess one good thing that comes out of it is that at least one Chabad house recognizes that Rabbi Schneerson has died. After all, streets are not named after living people.


  1. Did you get that flyer about the kidma people? Do you have any background on them? Is the flyer legit or is someone out to get them, like that flyer about the terrible guy from uriah (cough cough)

  2. I have not (yet) seen it, but I will try to find out

  3. just saw it. yes, it is true. It has been going on for abotu a week with protests outside their house. I was not aware they are the owners of kidma.

  4. Ramat Shlomo, aka Shuafat, is partly known for its famous replica of 770 that they built over there. It can be seen from the highway quite clearly. The name of the street that it is on is Admor M'Lubavitch. I am inclined to believe that some of the people who built the shul and the neighborhood, think very strongly that he did not die. Thus disproving your theory.

  5. LOZ - kidma is for another post

    whats - I am not sure. That one was there for a long time. While I do not know when they named the street, just because now people there think he is alive does not mean when they changed the name or named it or whatever that was the case. I am not familiar with the history of that location, though I have seen the building.

  6. Are there any Shabtai Tzvi streets in Israel?

    Just curious.

  7. I guess Chabad in Israel rolls a little differently.

  8. shandeh - not that I am aware of...

    frumpunk - it is weird because the chabad in Israel is generally considered much more meshichist than in the USA

  9. I saw on a Hebrew website that although a committee approved the name change, the Town Council didn't...


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